Happy New Year 2019-2020 Wishing Scripts - Download For Free


Finally, the new year is about to begin and it's a great time for bloggers to rank their sites.

Now you must be thinking how's that possible, well my friend have you ever heard about blogger wishing scripts? I bet you have and if you are looking for free happy new year wishing script then I'll provide you one right here.

The only thing you have to keep in mind is that make that script as much shareable as possible because the most people your script reaches, the higher and better your site's ranking goes. Below I've provided a complete guide for using this script correctly.

  • First, download the script from here.

  • After the script is downloaded, open it in any of your text editors and copy the whole text code by pressing Ctrl+A to select and Ctrl+C to copy.

  • If you already have a blog, then you should create a new one, because you don't wanna mess everything in your long-term blog and there is no need to purchase a custom domain.

  • Go to the theme option inside of your admin panel in blogger.

  • Click on edit, and clear the whole theme and paste the text code which you've copied from the script. Hit save. That's it.

Now you just have to share that link to your friends and they will share that link with their friends. Just like that if you can share it on any social media platform to increase its search volume.

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