How To Do SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) - Complete SEO Techniques

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SEO Tutorial - How To Do SEO

Blogging is a hot topic on the internet today because you just have to use your writing skills through which you can earn money. Sounds very easy, doesn't it? Well, for that you have to Optimize your site and that process is called SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ). Without SEO it is almost impossible to rank on google pages on a particular keyword.

SEO is further divided into two parts:

1. On Page SEO.

Managing all your gadgets on a site and customizing your blog theme for a smooth reading experience for the reader is important and in short, we call it On Page SEO.

2. Off Page SEO.

Building backlinks for your blog and blog posts and getting traffic from any source possible like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc are part of Off Page SEO.

Now I'm about to share some tips on how to do SEO of your blog for better ranking:

Internal Linking:

It's the most common method or SEO technique used by every professional blogger. For a moment let's say that there is only a single post in your blogger dashboard that is getting organic traffic and doing pretty good in terms of search rankings.

Okay! If you have recognized that certain post in your dashboard which is getting organic traffic then you can go for the internal linking.

how to do seo, seo tutorial, seo techniques, seo 2019, on page seo, off page seo, what is seo,

Now, you have to choose a particular post from Blogger to which you want to derive the traffic. Finally, you've to include the link of any post inside of that blog post whose views are pretty good and is doing well in search rankings. It'll increase the chances of getting the maximum amount of traffic and believe it or not but you have also got yourself a quality backlink. So do it well.

Providing Link Of High DR/PR Websites:

Regular writing doesn't mean anything to google along with it you have to think smart and use this method which is mentioning or linking to a high DR/PR site. For this you just need site whose domain authority is good you can check Domain Authority on Ahrefs.

After finding a site of your choice, mention its link in your post in any way possible whether it's just a single link or a backlink, it doesn't really matter. Now, what it does actually, it creates a trust between you and Google that this guy is linked to that particular site you chose whose Domain Authority is pretty good, eventually, it will increase your Domain Authority as well. Got it! Good.

how to do seo, seo tutorial, seo techniques, seo 2019, on page seo, off page seo, what is seo,

Now you might be thinking why should we do that? What are its benefits? How can it help in ranking and SEO of our page? The answer is simple guys, Domain Authority. Yes, it increases the Domain Authority of your blog or site which is an important part of SEO. Also, your Page Ranking will increase rapidly.

It is just a simple fact, I mean getting yourself a quality backlink from High DR/PR site is very difficult. So, why shouldn't use this method because it works well for me and blogger around the world?

Well Written Articles:

Well written article is an important part of On-Page SEO as it creates your first impression among your competitors. To write a perfect SEO friendly article you have to follow these basic rules:

  • Start a post with heading text i.e H1. Use it only once.
  • As your new topic begins, always use a subheading i.e H2 or H3.
  • Use a conversational tone.
  • Use of I and You should be included.
  • Don't make your sentences too long, 3-4 lines would be enough.
  • At the end of your post include your main keywords.
  • Make your post as simple as possible.

how to do seo, seo tutorial, seo techniques, seo 2019, on page seo, off page seo, what is seo,

If you blog includes only text then it might be a bit boring. So, use a few images in your blog not only to make it look attractive but to make the reader feel comfortable while he's reading your article. Here are a few sites that provide you with copyright free images:

  1. Pixabay.
  2. Pexels.
  3. Free Images.
  4. Unsplash.

Use of Relevant Content:

It's very important to develop an engagement between the user and blog but it won't happen until you write the relevant content. There are many bloggers that write irrelevant articles i.e. their titles don't match the article and something like that. They keep on writing what comes up in their mind, that's not right. By doing that you are destroying your Domain Authority and the user trust.

First of all, do complete research on what you are about to write and after gathering all the information you should compile it into an article. This is how its really done.


Yes, consistency is very important in blogging and its the biggest SEO that can do for your blog with just posting articles regularly. As you maintain a consistent time in publishing your blog, Google starts indexing your content as you are publishing your posts every single day. If you don't maintain this consistency then probably your ranking chance may decrease.

It might take a bit long but, It will help you in terms of getting your site's SEO better.

Below are some other cool tips on how to do SEO and some SEO techniques. Now you'll learn how to get traffic to your site and enhance your site's SEO.

Let me tell you one thing to earn money from your blog you need to rank and that will happen once your site is getting organic traffic from Google. If you think that is difficult then you're right but that's not impossible, I mean nothing is impossible in this world.

So here are the 5 most useful and awesome tips for you to rank your site by getting organic traffic.

5. Sharing

Yes, that's right all of you guys do have a social media account, don't you? If yes then you can get most out of it. 

By sharing your every post on one of your social accounts helps your site ranking grow and it also increases the chances of AdSense approval because you're getting traffic from a trusted account consistently.

4. Backlinks

Backlinks are just links that redirect someone to your blog or site and they can be a good source of getting organic traffic for your blog or site, but it's difficult to get one because people don't know the right way to do it. 

To get a backlink you should contact a trusted website's admin and tell him that you want a backlink. If someone responds to you then you can convince him to give your site link on his site. Always try to get the backlink from a trusted site.

3. Ad Campaigns

If you are not getting traffic by use of your social account then you can run an Ad campaign. To do that Facebook will be perfect because it is used so much by people around the world in a single day. 

Ads because now our main priority is to get traffic to your site by any means possible and it will also make your blog popular. So, it could be a great option because a lot of bloggers have already been trying this method.

2. Guest Post

This is the best and my personal favorite method of getting traffic. This helps the blogger in various ways. I mean if you write for someone in return you can ask him for a backlink and if someone gets redirected to your site by that backlink then not just your site will get organic traffic but it'll also increase your site's domain authority which is very important for every blogger.

1. Targeting Keywords

If you don't want to run any ad campaigns or share your post on social media then this tips is only for you. Think of some famous blogger today and tell me how do they rank in Google in a short period of time. That's because of keyword targeting.

When you create your blog, you have to search for a keyword that your blog relates the most. For example, I want to start a blog on Technology then I should look out for a specific category related to technology, let's say it is Technology Tips. Now I have to rank my site on this keyword i.e whenever someone searches for technology tips my blog will show on the first page.

In order to do that you will require some time and patient but trust me if you do everything as I told you today I bet you that your site will definitely rank on the keyword that you chose and your site will do good in terms of SEO.

So, I think you've got it that how to do SEO and few of the SEO Techniques.
See You Soon.

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