How To Write and Publish An eBook - Complete Beginners Guide


Today I'll introduce you to an eBook. It can be a great source of income for you if you understand today's guide completely. Here I'll teach you how to make and publish an ebook to earn money online.

Create Your eBook:

First, you have to create your eBook and for that, you have to decide a certain topic on which you are about to write. Always choose a relevant topic on the basis of your skills and the facts that you know and want to share them with the public and want to help them in doing a specific task whether its Digital Marketing or Freelancing.

It's important that you also do some research about the existing eBook related to the topic that you choose, it'll give you an idea about the suitable changes that you should make before finalizing your eBook. The simple explanation of creating a brilliant eBook is hidden in your creative mind, dig deep inside your mind and let the competitors have it all that you have got.

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Title Of eBook:

You might not spend hours in deciding a perfect title for your eBook, but my friend the fact of the matter is that every digital product has a heart and that is the title. Having a perfect and unique title will always help you even in competitive stages. So, just hang on to it and choose a cool title for your product.

Okay! Now everything is ready you've got the title ready and you've got some killer ideas to write in your eBook. But always remember writing an ebook just by yourself can produce some inappropriate thoughts in your mind like, I can't do this or I'm out of ideas, what should I do now? But you have to overcome these feelings to become a professional because a professional sometimes was an amateur.


Whether your eBook has so many words or different images but you want everything to be well settled and clean. Don't mess everything up while creating your eBook. You can maintain the readability of your content by:

  • Using a consistent font and font size.
  • Minimum use of H1 or Heading.
  • Writing in short paragraphs and lists.
  • Using well-optimized images.

There are furthermore tips but these are just fine for you now. As you keep on growing you'll keep learning, never ever forget that.

Using Optimized Images:

This is an important part of creating an eBook because you don't want your blog with text written all over it, don't you? That's why I recommend you to use images along with the paragraphs that you're writing. Now the question is what type of images should be used in your eBook?

Here is your answer:

  • Use optimized images.
  • Use relevant images that match your content.
  • Use of 1 or 2 images on a single page
  • Get royalty free images from here.


Before moving any further, let's ensure that everything that you have written in your eBook is grammatically right or not. To check that you can use Grammarly tool for free to make your content look even more professional.

Sometimes when we want to correct a document we usually read it fast, this should be prevented because this could hide those little errors which we can't see until we check it grammatically.

Read your eBook over and over again until personal satisfaction. Don't be afraid to take a suggestion from someone who is professional at what you're doing. If you feel that some words or paragraphs are not fitting to the meaning which you exactly want from them, then just remove those. You just want everything clear and simple here.

Designing A Cover For eBook:

There is a saying that doesn't judge a book by its cover well that doesn't work in here because here you've to create a unique, attractive and eye-catching cover for your eBook to grab out the attention of buyers.

Have a look at these eBook covers, these designs might give you an idea about designing a cover.

A good cover reflects your professionalism and creates a reputation for your product among the buyers.

Secrets behind a good cover image:

  • Don't use a simple color for your cover, instead use a high-quality image.
  • write the title of the eBook in a large and readable font.
  • Don't use copyrighted images. Use images from here.
  • Don't put too many effects on your cover.
  • The title's color should be different from the background image you choose.

If you want to give it a try and want to design a cove all by yourself then you design it on Canva free eBook cover maker. If you don't want to do it by yourself then you can hire a graphic designer on fiver, their prices start from $5 to $100. Don't be afraid of these small investments because once you start selling your product you will quickly recoup these costs.

Formatting eBook:

Now its time to convert your eBook into acceptable formats. If you are about to sell your product on Amazon or Kindle then the file format should be Mobi. For others like Barnes, Apple iBookstore and Kobo the acceptable file format is Epub.

You can also sell your eBook in PDF formats if the buyer is good with that. You can pay someone on Fiver to do all the formatting work for you.

Publishing eBook:

Finally, its time to publish your eBook on any platform you want, if you have your own site you can sell it there or just try selling on other platforms.

It's always beneficial to publish or sell your product on your own site because you can have the full control of it. Do whatever you want to do with it.

Promote Your eBook:

Now, its time to promote your product to make it visible to buyers who might be interested in buying your product.

Don't send people requests about promoting your product until you know them first.

You can also try ad networks like Facebook ads to boost your visitors instantly.


To make an eBook it takes both hard work and smart work. The key to making it profitable is patience, if you have created a genuine and informative eBook then soon you will start generating some income.

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